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Main operations of the Officejet 5746 printer are printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Utilize the mobile printing solutions to print from anywhere through your tablet or smartphone. The provides professional quality texts and pictures.

HP Officejet 5746 Paper Jam

Check if a Paper Jam error message displays on the front panel of your Officejet 5746 printer. Look for paper jams in the input tray, output tray, cartridge access door, and Automatic Document Feeder slot. Check if the carriage inside the printer can move freely. Clean the document feed rollers that are located inside the Hewlett Packard printer.

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How to install ink cartridge in HP Officejet 5746

Locate the cartridge access door on your Officejet 5746 printer and lift it. Don’t proceed until the printer’s carriage remains idle. Now take the compatible cartridge out of the pack and insert it into the appropriate slot present on the printer. After you have installed the cartridges, lower the access door and print an alignment page.

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HP Officejet 5746 Won’t Print

Verify if the Officejet 5746 printer is loaded with enough plain papers and the cartridges are installed. Confirm that the settings for your print task are done correctly. Ensure the cartridges have sufficient ink inside. If the ink levels are low, replace the cartridge. Confirm that your printer is not in the Inactive or Sleep state.

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HP Officejet 5746 not connecting to wi-fi

Check if the Officejet 5746 printer is kept within the range of your access point or router. Try to power cycle your Officejet 5746 printer, router, and the system. Ensure that the latest printer software is installed on the computer. If the software is damaged, reinstall the same from our web page.

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HP Officejet 5746 wont scan

Ensure to clean the scanner glass on the Officejet 5746 printer on a regular basis. If any dirt is present on the flatbed scanner glass, the scan operation fails. Make use of HP’s free tool named Print and Scan Doctor for diagnosing any errors that are related to the scanning process.

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HP Officejet 5746 driver download

Remove all the unwanted cache folders that are present on your Windows or Mac system. Verify if all the driver files are installed on your computer. Ensure there is sufficient memory on your Windows or Mac Personal Computer. Now tap the Driver Download button that is provided on this website. Do not proceed until the download process finishes. Move to the Downloads folder on the Windows or Mac desktop. Double-click on the downloaded HP Officejet 5746 setup file for launching the driver. A Let’s Get Started pop-up box opens on the device. Launch the driver by complying with the on-screen directions, and then tap the Finish button.

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HP Officejet 5746 Printer Setup

Look if the right seal is stuck on top of your printer’s shipment box. Open the HP Officejet 5746 Setup printer’s carton and then remove all the supplies such as manual, warranty card. Take the printer out of the packaging and keep it on a surface that is well ventilated and free from dust. Obtain the power connection by attaching the electrical cord between the Officejet 5746 printer and the socket. Power On your printer and initialize the preferences on its touch display. Keep required unused papers into the main input tray. Insert the ink cartridges into their slots. Wait until the Officejet 5746 printer prints an alignment page.

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HP Officejet 5746 wireless Setup

Before linking the HP Officejet 5746 setup printer to the network, collect the name of your Wi-Fi network and its password. The Windows or Mac PC must be associated with the same network. Ensure that Internet connectivity is stable. Confirm that your printer and the system are placed within the access point or router’s range. On the Officejet 5746 printer’s front panel, choose the Wireless icon. Tap Settings, then touch Wireless Settings and then select HP Officejet 5746 Wireless Setup Wizard. Go with the on-screen procedures and make sure to launch the recent driver from this website.

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Setup and troubleshoot your printer with the guidance of our user manual. Get the full feature printer by installing the latest driver and software. Get directed to our website and download the driver and manual.

HP Officejet 5746 Mobile Printing Setup

The mobile printing setup allows users to carry out the essential functions of the Officejet 5746 printer over a Wi-Fi network in which your Android or Apple devices are connected. The mobile printing solutions are a secured service as the items that are printed is saved in cloud-based storage. By making use of the mobile printing capability, the status of the print tasks can be monitored. It does not require any router or access point.

HP Officejet 5746 Airprint Setup

  • Set up the network connection between the Officejet 5746 printer and the Personal Computer.
  • You can establish the connection using the wireless or Wi-Fi Direct network.
  • To print through AirPrint, open the tool using which you want to do the print job. To find the Print button, select the Share icon.
  • Select either the Print button or Print option. Touch Select Printer and click your Officejet 5746 printer in which the AirPrint feature is enabled.
  • Press the number of pages that you want to print and go to the upper right corner of the screen, and then hit the Print option. Cloud Print Setup

  • Turn On the Officejet 5746 printer, load papers, and install the cartridges.
  • Ascertain to link the mobile phone and the Officejet 5746 printer to the same network.
  • Download and launch the Cloud Print app on your mobile device. After launching the application, open the Settings window.
  • Select Printing and touch the On button available next to the Cloud Print option. Choose Cloud Print and touch the Main menu.
  • Click Add Printer, then tap your Officejet 5746 printer, and then click the OK button.

HP Officejet 5746 eprint Setup

  • Power On the HP Officejet 5746 Setup printer and insert papers into the tray.
  • Ensure that all the cartridges are installed into the printer.
  • Go to the Officejet 5746 printer and hit the ePrint button on it.
  • Do the procedures on the screen for enabling the Embedded Web Services.
  • Locate the email address of the printer for completing the ePrint setup.

How to Scan on HP Officejet 5746

To do the scan function from the Officejet 5746 printer, the HP Scan software must be launched on your Personal Computer. There are various methods of doing the scan job. Some of the ways on how to do the scan process are discussed on this site.

HP Officejet 5746 scan to computer

  • In order to carry out the scanning process, the full feature must be launched on the computer.
  • You can install the software on your PC for free of cost from this website.
  • Comply with the guided instructions for setting up the printer software and hit the right button that includes the HP Scan software.
  • Keep the item that you want to scan on the flatbed scanner glass or in the ADF slot.
  • On your Personal Computer, search for Hewlett Packard and tap your Officejet 5746 printer.
  • The HP Printer Assistant software will appear on the desktop.
  • Choose the Scan button and hit the option that is mentioned as Scan A Document or Photo. HP Scan opens on the desktop.
  • Touch an appropriate scan shortcut, alter any scan task settings, and then click the Scan button.

HP Officejet 5746 scan to email

  • Confirm that your HP Officejet 5746 Setup printer supports the scan to email operation.
  • Scan to email will function only when a local email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook is installed on the computer.
  • From the Scan dialog box, select your Windows or Mac Personal Computer name.
  • Choose the Email as PDF button. Some of the web-enabled Hewlett Packard printers have a Scan to Email application in the Apps pop-up window.
  • The application sends email directly from the printer using the email address.
  • To do the scan to email from the system, open the HP Printer Assistant software.
  • Hit Scan -> Scan a Document or Photo, and the HP Scan software opens.
  • Click Email as JPEG or Document to Email and then choose Send.

HP Officejet 5746 fax setup

The Officejet 5746 printer treats the item to be faxed as a single graphical image and then converts it into digital format. The instructions on how to setup the fax are given below.

How to fax from HP OfficeJet 5746 printer

  • Take the telephone cord that came along with your Officejet 5746 printer out of the shipment box.
  • If the original cord is not available, utilize a cord that has two wire leads.
  • Go to the phone wall jack and insert the telephone cord into it for HP Officejet 5746 fax setup.
  • Plug the 1-LINE jack at the rear of your printer.
  • You can also set the fax feature using an answering machine.
  • Initialize all the fax preferences and settings on the touch display of the Officejet 5746 printer.
  • To confirm that the fax service setup was finished successfully, perform a fax test.
  • On the Setup menu, tap the Run Fax Test button after completing HP Officejet 5746 fax setup.

How to copy from HP OfficeJet 5746 printer

  • Switch On the Officejet 5746 printer.
  • Load the original picture or document in the ADF slot or on the flatbed scanner glass.
  • Tap the Copy icon on the operation panel of your HP Officejet 5746 Setup printer.
  • Set the desired number of copies by choosing the Keypad icon.
  • Input the number and then hit the Settings button.
  • Modify the desired advanced copy options and return to the Copy window by touching Back.
  • You can now begin the copy task by hitting the Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color button.
  • The printer does the copy function.