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The is an All-in-One printer. It enables you to print, scan, and copy. It also has mobile printing capability. The HP Officejet 4630 printer can be set up on a wireless network of both the Windows and the Mac systems.


HP Officejet 4630 Paper Jam

The paper jam on the is a common issue. The paper jam may be in the input or output tray of the printer. Remove the paper which is stuck in the path of these trays. Always load the input tray with the appropriate paper and adjust the guidelines according to the width of the paper.

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How to install the ink cartridge in HP Officejet 4630

Always install genuine HP Ink cartridges. First, install the input tray with sufficient paper. Always hold only the black plastic portion of the ink cartridges. Remove the colored-plastic tape from the cartridge. With the nozzles facing the 4630 printer, place the ink cartridge in the appropriate slot.

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HP Officejet 4630 Printhead Problem

First, turn off the printer. Open the ink cartridge access door. Remove all the cartridges from the printer and place them on a paper. Lift the latch handle and remove the print heads. Clean the print heads contact area with a lint-free cloth, slightly damped in distilled water. Then, replace the printhead.

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HP Officejet 4630 not connecting to Wi-Fi

Check whether the cables are connected properly to the printer and the router as well. Ensure that the 4630 printer and the router are turned on. Check if the printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Try moving the HP Officejet 4630 setup printer and the router closer to each other. Try to reduce the number of network interference to your router.

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HP Officejet 4630 not scanning

Check whether you have loaded enough paper in the input tray. Also, Ensure that the cartridges are installed into their respective slot. Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor App on the computer and run it. Uninstall and re-install software applications. Check the Scan job settings.

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HP Officejet 4630 Driver Download

The driver should be downloaded and installed for the proper functioning of the printer. The HP Officejet 4630 driver available on our website and you can get it easily in a single click. You can also install the driver with the CD provided to you. The printer’s driver is compatible on the Windows and the Mac systems. Prefer a full feature driver that enables you to perform all the 4630 printer functions.

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HP Officejet 4630 Setup

Take the HP Officejet 4630 out of the package. Remove all the packing materials, tapes from the interior and the exterior parts of the HP Officejet 4630 setup printer. Place the OfficeJet 4630 printer near an electrical outlet. Connect the printer to the outlet using the power cable, and turn it on. Open the ink cartridge access door and install the cartridges to their slot. Then, close the ink cartridge access door and load the input tray with enough plain paper. Align the printhead and set the preferences on the HP printer control panel. Your printer is all set to be accessed from another device.

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HP Officejet 4630 wireless Setup

The 4630 can be set up on a wireless network and is compatible on both Mac and Windows OS. To set the printer up for a wireless connection, make sure you have a proper Wi-Fi connection. Turn on the HP Officejet 4630 setup printer and install the ink cartridges. Load the input tray with paper and align the printhead. On your printer control panel, set the preferences for printing. You can now connect the printer to a wireless network either directly from your printer control panel or by using a USB cable.

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Setup and troubleshoot your printer with the guidance of our user manual. Get the full feature printer by installing the latest driver and software. Get directed to our website and download the driver and manual.

HP Officejet 4630 Mobile Printing Setup

The HP Officejet 4630 setup printer has the Mobile Printing feature. Mobile Printing is a method of sending data to the printer wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. The HP Officejet 4630 printer supports the ePrint and the AirPrint mobile printing services.

HP Officejet 4630 AirPrint Setup

  • Open a document or photo using a suitable application on your Apple device.
  • To locate the print option, click the Share app icon.
  • Tap the Print option.
  • If you don’t find the print option, refer to the User Guide.
  • Choose your printer from the list of available printers and then select the AirPrint option. ePrint Setup

  • Check that your HP printer is connected to the Wired or Wireless network with an active Internet connection. On the 4630 printer control panel, tap the HP ePrint icon.
  • Select HP Officejet 4630 Setup and then open the Web Services menu.
  • If you find the Web Services Summary screen or the ‘Connected’ status is displayed, it means that the Web Services is already turned on.
  • If you get a prompt to turn on the Web services or set up HP ePrint, tap on the Turn On tab to enable the setup. Print the information page to get the email address of the printer.

HP Officejet 4630 Print from Android

  • Go to our website from the Android Phone. Check that your Android Device is connected to the Wireless network.
  • Find the application you want to print from, open it, and add your printer.
  • If the printer name displays, continue with the next step.
  • If the printer is not displayed, press the Plus Sign to choose the printer from the list of available printers or set up a new one, and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Now you can print a document or photo from your Android phone.

HP Officejet 4630 Cloud Print setup

  • Power On the printer and load the plain paper in the input tray. Check that the ink cartridges are installed.
  • Also, ensure the printer is connected to a similar network as your computer.
  • On the computer, open the Chrome browser and sign into the Google Account.
  • On the address bar, enter chrome:// devices, and press the Enter button.
  • If the printer is listed under the New devices, click the Register option twice to confirm. If the 4630 printer is not listed under My devices, it means that your printer is already connected to the Cloud Print.

How to Scan on HP Officejet 4630

Once you are done with the printer’s setup process, the next step is to install the HP Scan Software. Run the software on your computer. When you have installed the software, you can scan from the computer and can also use the scan to email feature.

HP Officejet 4630 Scan to Computer

  • Navigate to our website.
  • Enter your HP printer model number and then click the Download option.
  • Follow the instruction displayed on your screen to connect the printer.
  • Load the document you want to scan on the scanner glass or the document feeder.
  • On the Windows search bar, enter HP and then choose your 4630 printer.
  • Click the Scan option followed by the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  • The HP Scan page opens.
  • Select the Scan Shortcut, change the Scan job settings, and then click Scan.

HP Officejet 4630 scan to email

  • Scan to email works only when you have the local email client like Microsoft Outlook, Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird installed on the computer.
  • The Web-based email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, should be manually configured via the local email client.
  • From the Scan menu, choose your computer name, and then choose Email as PDF.
  • On the Windows OS, search for HP and choose your printer.
  • Click Scan -> Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Choose an Email shortcut such as Document to Email or Email as JPEG, and click Scan.
  • The Scan preview page opens.
  • Click Send. The new email message immediately opens with the scanned data attached using printer.