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HP Officejet Pro 8740 Paper Jam Errorr

With the paper jam issue, you cannot print your document or photo. Use an appropriate paper type and size for your printer to print your document. Remove the stuck paper inside the printer and roller. It is advisable to use the curl and bent free paper on the input tray of the printer. Restart the printer and try to print a document. Use the basic troubleshooting tips listed on our website and resolve your issues.

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HP Officejet pro 8740 ink cartridge Replacement

Without the ink cartridge estimation, you should not replace the ink cartridge. After estimating, if you find that the cartridge level is low or empty, you can replace the existing cartridge with the new ink cartridge. Always use a genuine ink cartridge for your printer. Make use of the tips which are given on our website and replace your ink cartridge easily. Without ink cartridge, you cannot start your print job.

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HP Officejet pro 8740 Not Connecting Wireless

Is your printer is not maintaining the wireless connection? Ensure that you have connected the printer and computer to the same wireless network. TO maintain the good wireless signal strength, place your printer and the wireless router closer. The Wireless network name and password are case sensitive, so enter it correctly to connect your devices. Go through the guides on our website and resolve your issue.

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HP Officejet pro 8740 Scanner Connection Error

While scanning a document, if you find a network scanner connection error, ensure that you have connected the printer and computer properly. Install the proper printer driver and software and start scanning your document. Restart your printer and check if the scanner is working properly. If not, you can resolve your issue by using the instructions which are provided on our website.

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HP Officejet pro 8740 Offline Error

If you receive a printer offline warning message on your printer’s control panel, ensure that the message is true or false. If the message is true, reboot your printer. Check if your printer and the computer are connected to the network correctly. Verify whether your computer is in an airplane mode. If it is in that mode disable the airplane mode. You can avail the tips on our website to resolve the printer offline issue.

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HP Officejet Pro 8740 Driver Download

Make use of the installation CD to install an appropriate printer driver and software. In case the installation CD is not available, get directed to our website and download the compatible printer driver and software. You cannot perform even the basic tasks with your printer in case you haven’t installed the driver and software. Go through the procedures which are listed on our website and install the driver.

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How to install HP Officejet Pro 8740 Printer

You need to install both the hardware and software for your printer. Without printer installation, you cannot print your print job. During the installation process, you can opt for any one of the network connection (Wired or wireless connection). Download and install the driver and software which is compatible for your printer. Use the guides on our website and install a printer for both Windows and Mac device.

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HP Officejet Pro 8740 Wireless Setup

Do you want to connect your printer and computer to the wireless network connection? Here are the tips for the wireless connection setup. Use the network details to connect the printer to the wireless connection. Move the printer and the wireless router closer during the Ojpro8740 process. Use the same wireless network for both the printer and computer. For more details, click on the read more option.

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Avail the printer setup and troubleshooting guides from our user manual easily. Download the latest printer driver and software which is suitable for your printer.

123 HP Officejet Pro 8740 printer setup Ojpro8740


How To Print

With the Ojpro8740 printer, you can print both your document and photo. Make use of the auto duplex printing capability and print the document on both the sides of the page.

How To Scan

You can scan your document using scanning software or the scan app. Prior to scanning, you must install the required printer driver. Before scanning, preview your document if you want to edit and then scan.

How To Fax

Using printer, you can fax your files easily. With the fax, you can send and receive your data faster and easier. Make use of the scanner glass or the ADF to fax a document or photo faster. Ojpro8740 USB Setup

Make use of the USB cable which came along with your Ojpro8740 printer and connect your printer and the computer. USB connection is more secure and faster than the wireless network connection. Install the required driver and configure the connection. Once you are done with the USB network connection, you can start to print, copy, scan or fax a document or image quickly.

HP Ojpro 8740 ePrint Setup

An Android user can make use of the ePrint app to print a document or picture from any place at any time. All you need to do is to download the ePrint app from the Play Store and install it on your mobile device. Open the file that you want to print from, and then click File and choose the Print option. You can also choose the number of copies before printing.

HP Ojpro 8740 Airprint Setup

Do you want to use the mobile printing feature on a Mac device? Apple AirPrint is the best choice to go with it. Just download the app on your mobile device from the App Store and install it. You can print any document or image that are stored on your Mac device. Choose the document to be printed, open it and go to the File option and then click on Print to print a document. PRINTER PAPER HANDLING

  • In case the printer does not pick up paper from the tray, use the solutions which are given below.
  • Access the printer and take off any jammed sheets of paper. Position the paper with the correct size and type.
  • Ensure that the paper guides in the input tray are modified properly for the size of paper. Align the paper size with the guides marking in the bottom in the tray.
  • Take off the stack of paper from the tray and arrange it. Verify the printer’s control panel and then feed the paper manually into the printer’s tray.
  • In case your printer picks up several sheets of paper from the tray, use the tips below to resolve it.
  • Remove the papers from the input tray and arrange it. Always use the paper that meets the printer specifications.It is suggested to use curl and bent free papers.
  • Ascertain that all paper in the tray is the same type and size.
  • Ensure that the tray is not overfilled. If it is, remove some of the paper from the tray.
  • Ensure that the paper guides in the tray are adjusted properly for the paper size.
  • Position the guides with the paper size marking on the bottom of the input tray.
  • If the printer states that a paper tray is empty even though it has paper, use the guides given below to rectify it.
  • Ratify that there is a paper in the tray and it is positioned correctly.
  • Ensure that the correct tray is being chosen.
  • Position a thick or stiff paper through the printer to overcome any scraps.
  • To overcome the paper jam on your printer, avail the tips which are listed below.
  • Ascertain that you use the compatible paper type and size for your Ojpro8740 printer.
  • Ensure that you use only the plain white paper.
  • Confirm that the tray is fully inserted in the printer.
  • It is recommended to place the printer on a flat surface to prevent the paper jam.