Swift Guide for HP Officejet pro 9020 wireless setup

Follow the easy and efficient instructions for HP Officejet pro 9020 wireless setup. It allows you to print documents from smartphones, tablets, and any other wireless device.

How to Setup HP Officejet Pro 9020 Wireless

  • Power On your HP Officejet Pro 9020 printer.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from your printer if they are associated with the system
  • Ensure that the router is turned On and set the bandwidth to 2.4 – 5 GHz.
  • Press the Wireless button on your 123.hp.com/ojpro9020 HP printer’s control panel
  • Choose the Settings option on your HP printer and go to the Wireless Setup Wizard option
  • Your printer is searching for the available networks if it displays a blinking light
  • Type the password of the secured home network to which you are connecting your printer
  • A solid blue light flashes once the HP Officejet Pro 9020 Wireless Setup connection is established successfully
  • Start performing the print function using your HP printer.
HP Officejet pro 9020 wireless setup

How To Find WPS Pin on HP Officejet Pro 9020

  • Have a look at the router status and ensure that your printer supports the WPS function.
  • Choose the Wireless -> Settings -> Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.
  • Type the PIN on the Access Configuration Utility window.
  • After completing the WPS PIN set up, install the printer driver and add your printer to the list.

HP Officejet Pro 9020 Wifi Direct Setup

  • Power On your HP Officejet Pro Wireless printer.
  • Ensure that the Wi-Fi is On and then connect to HP Wireless Direct.
  • Connect your printer and the system you use to the same network.
  • Pick the name of the network that has Direct in its name.
  • Enter the credentials correctly for the chosen network.
  • After the successful establishment of the HP Officejet Pro 9020 Wifi Direct Setup, try performing the print function.

How To Enable Web Services On HP Officejet Pro 9020

  • Enabling Web Services will allow your HP printer to communicate over the web-connected printing devices that use the Internet.
  • Make sure you associate your printer to the network connection that has an active Internet Plan.
  • Press the HP ePrint icon on the control panel of your Officejet Pro printer.
  • If the Web Service Summary Screen is displayed, then the web service feature is already enabled.
  • If a prompt states that you should turn On the Web Service or Setup HP ePrint displays, tap the option Turn On or Enable.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and tap OK to complete the HP Officejet Pro 9020 Wireless Setup.