HP Officejet Pro 6230 Setup

How to install HP Officejet Pro 6230

  • The first step in a hardware installation for HP officejet pro 6230 setup begins with taking the contents out of the box and placing it on a surface. Contents inside the box may vary from region to region.
  • Peel off the packing tape from the printer and the rollers. Now insert one end of the power cord to the rear of the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer and the other end into the power socket.
  • Insert the monochrome and color cartridges into their respective slots in the printer by opening the cartridge access door. Before inserting the cartridge into the printer be sure to remove all the plastic tape surrounding it and hold the cartridge only by the plastic. Touching it anywhere else can cause the cartridge to fail.
  • After installing the cartridge you now have to align the cartridges.
  • On a Windows computer, Open the HP Solution center and select settings and click on the Printer toolbox option. A pop-up screen will appear with an option to automatically align the cartridge. Select the automatically align the cartridge option and follow the instructions on the screen for HP Officejet pro 6230 Setup.
  • A test page will get printed, indicating the successful completion of the aligning process.
  • Turn on the printer to check if everything works properly.

How to Connect HP Officejet Pro 6230 Printer

  • Take out the USB cable provided in the box to connect the printer to the computer.
  • Do not interface the printer to a USB hub because the printer may not be able to receive the required power to operate. Connect it directly to the HP Officejet 6230 USB port on your computer.
  • On Windows, it is important that you delete any previously installed versions of the printer from your computer. If you have already connected the printer to your computer delete it using the steps below.
  • Remove the USB cable and go to Devices and Printers menu. Right click on your printer’s name and select remove 123.hp.com/ojp6230 printer option. Your device will now be removed from your computer for HP Officejet pro 6230 setup.
  • You should now download and install the driver software to be able to use the printer.
  • If you are using a Mac, Go to System Preferences and select Printers and Scanners menu. Check if your printer is listed in the menu.
  • If your printer is present, remove it using the – sign at the bottom and add it back by clicking on the + sign. Select Add a printer or scanner option and choose your printer’s name.
  • If it is not present on the list, press the + sign and select Add a Printer or Scanner and choose your printer from the list. Select Use or Print Using option and click your HP Officejet pro 6230 setup printer to use it.