HP Officejet 5740 Cartridges

  • Look for the QR code on the HP Officejet 5740 Cartridges, scan the code using the camera on the smart phones. After scanning,you will be able to view the validation screen of the manufacturer.
  • In cases the validation screen is not screened ,your ink cartridge is not authentic or standard.So,mostly all the ink cartridges are designed with fraud protection.
  • Examine whether the ink cartridges inserted into the printer are working properly,if not trail the guidelines mentioned in the manual to uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Make sure that the printer is switched on. If not,press the power button to power on the printer.Unseal the printer’s top cover,Halt for a minute until the printer is inactive.
  • Shove the old HP Officejet 5740 ink cartridge down and move it out of the carriage. While inserting the cartridge make sure that you inserted the cartridges into their corresponding slots.
  • Release the ink cartridge from the packaging ,shove the pink tab to eliminate the protective tape located in the ink cartridge.Grasp the cartridges with electrical contacts facing the printer.
  • Move the ink cartridge slightly at an angle into the cartridge and press down until the cartridge fixes into the slots firmly. Once the cartridges are inserted,seal the printer’s top cover.
  • Align the ink cartridges for best quality printouts. Insert the plain paper into the paper tray.We provide you certain instructions on how to align the ink cartridge after the installation process.
  • Make use of any one methods to navigate to the HP Solution Center. For Windows Vista:Navigate to the Windows Taskbar-> wireless icon->All programs -> HP Solution Center.
  • For Windows XP Operating system,get directed to Windows taskbar. Choose the Start option.
  • Select All Programs. on the All Programs list,select the HP Solution Center.
  • Select the Settings icon,select Printer Toolbox->Align the Ink Cartridges->Align.
  • Try to print a test page to examine whether the ink cartridges are aligned.
  • In case you identify any defective HP 5740 ink cartridges,we provide you certain instructions on how to replace the ink cartridges with the new ink cartridge and to solve the cartridge issue.
  • Release the cartridge from the slot,examine the ink cartridge and then reinsert the cartridges to the slot again.With clean and dampen cloth,clean the cartridge contacts.
  • Switch on the Officejet 5740 printer using the power button.Unseal the ink cartridge access door. Refrain from the proceeding for a while until the carriage is inactive.
  • Eliminate the tab which is present on the front of the HP Officejet 5740 Cartridges to uninstall it from the slot.
  • Clasp the cartridge by its sides and then look for the electrical contacts which are located on the cartridge’s bottom.
  • If there are any ink or debris accumulated in the ink cartridge,try to clean it using a clean cloth and then install the cartridge to its slot.and then want for cartridge alignment.
  • Re-do the same procedure for installing the other cartridges too.Press the power button to switch on the HP Officejet 5740 printer.
  • For more assistance on HP 5740 ink cartridge issue, you can get in touch with our tech support.

Examine the 123 HP Officejet 5740 Ink or Toner Level

HP OJ5740 – Windows

  • Install the HP Solution Center compatible with the printer model and Windows operating system to examine the ink level.
  • Switch on the 123.hp.com/oj5740 printer and ensure that it is in already on state and is linked to the system In Windows,look for the name of the printer from the list of available results.In case the HP Solution Centre screen,select it.
  • In case you cannot view the ink levels,move to the next step
  • Install the HP Print and Scan Doctor,to examine the ink level in Windows Operating system.
  • Select Start,choose the printer’s name and then select Next.Select the name of the printer.

HP OJ5740 – Mac

  • Switch on the printer and ensure the printer is linked to the system.
  • Select the Apple icon and then choose the System Preferences in the menu bar.
  • Select Printers And Scanners,Print and Fax or Print &Scan.Choose the name of the printer from the list of available results.
  • Select Options&Supplies and then select the Supply levels icon to view the HP Officejet 5740 ink levels.

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