Quick Guidance to HOW TO SETUP HP OFFICEJET 250

For How to Setup HP Officejet 250 printer for the first time, unpack the printer from the shipment package. Read the user manual to know about your printer. Plug the power cord into the power supply and turn on the printer. Download and install the necessary printer drivers from the link given on this site and perform the printer functions by connecting through either wireless or wired network.


  • Press the Power button and switch on the HP Officejet 250 setup printer.
  • On your computer, download the printer software from the link given on this site.
  • Read the terms and conditions and accept it by clicking on the checkbox and follow the guidelines.
  • When prompted during installation, choose the connection type as the USB cable.
  • Keep the printer in a ready state and acquire a USB cable of 3 meters in length for How to setup HP Officejet 250.
  • Do not connect the USB cable until it is prompted during installation.
  • Connect one terminal of the USB cable into the printer’s port and attach another terminal into the computer’s port.
  • The printer driver file will include HP Easy Start, which will guide you through the setup procedure.
  • Now, open the ink cartridge access cover and install the setup ink cartridges into the ink cartridge chamber.
  • Fill enough papers into the input tray. Try printing a sample page.
  • If you want to connect the printer in a wireless connection, use the built-in Bluetooth feature.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your printer and computer. On your printer, choose your computer’s name and click Join.


  • Tap the Power button to switch on the HP Officejet 250 setup printer.
  • Check if the HP Utility is installed on your Mac computer.
  • Open Finder on your Mac to see whether the HP Utility is installed.
  • Select Applications and double-click on the HP folder. Now, open HP Utility.
  • If HP Utility printing software displays a setup and activation window, select Continue and complete the software setup.
  • If HP Utility is not available, proceed to install the full feature printer software from the link given on this site.
  • The full feature drivers will include the HP Utility software and HP Easy Start to guide you through the setup.
  • If you are suggested to add the printer to the printer queue, select the name of your printer.
  • Select Print Using menu and choose the name of your 123.hp.com/oj250 printer in the pop-up screen.
  • Click Add and return to the HP installer to finish the installation.
  • If you have connected the HP Officejet 250 Setup printer through a USB cable and you want to access the printer through Wireless, view All Settings tab.
  • Click the Wireless Setup and follow the guidelines to configure the wireless connection on your printer by following How to setup HP Officejet 250.