How to replace ink cartridge on HP Envy 7855

In order for your printer to function properly, you need to inspect the ink cartridge levels periodically and replace them if they are low or empty. Replacing cartridges are recommended instead of refilling them as this can cause ink cartridge malfunction or print issues. Just complete the steps below to commence how to replace ink cartridge on HP Envy 7855.

    How to replace HP Envy 7855 ink cartridge

  • Before purchasing an ink cartridge, make sure that it is compatible with the printer’s model.
  • To check the compatibility, you need to make sure the printer’s model series is mentioned in the package. Access the carriage area by opening the cartridge door.
  • Remove the cartridge by lifting the lid on the cartridge slot and then gently pushing the lid until it stops and follow the steps for how to replace ink cartridge on HP Envy 7855.
  • Pull out the old cartridge carefully. Inspect the slots for any dust or debris build up and clean them. Never touch the contacts or nozzles as it can lead to several errors.
  • If any protective tape is present on the nozzle, remove it.
  • Hold the cartridge at an upward angle such that its contacts face the printer and push it in gently. Close the cartridge access door.
How to replace ink cartridge on HP Envy 7855

How to check ink level on HP Envy 7855

You need to check the ink levels periodically in order to maintain optimum functionality. To do so, go with the steps given below.

  • Go to the printer’s control panel and then tap the ink or cartridge icon on the ink levels menu.
  • You can view it through your Windows computer either HP Smart app or HP Print and Scan Doctor to process how to replace ink cartridge on HP Envy 7855.
  • Make sure to use the HP solutions center to monitor and manage your ink levels accordingly.
  • For Mac computers, click the Apple icon, select System Preferences -> Printers and Scanners.
  • Go to the list and choose your printer model, select Options & Supplies, and choose the Supplies tab.
  • You can also check the ink level from your smartphone or tablet by using the HP Smart app. Get this app from the Google Play store or Apple store.
  • Subscribe to HP Instant ink to get cartridges delivered at your doorstep.

HP Envy 7855 ink cartridge problems

HP Envy 7855 ink cartridge problems can occur due to several reasons. Some common issues can be due to cartridge problem, incompatible cartridges and cartridges missing.

  • The first thing to do if you face any cartridge error is to check the ink level of the cartridge for hp envy 7855 ink cartridge problem.
  • If the level is very low or empty, replace the cartridge.
  • Look into the printer’s cartridge area by opening the cartridge access door and checking if the cartridges are placed properly.
  • Check if any cartridge is leaking or dirty, discard them if so for HP Envy 7855 ink cartridge problem.
  • Now remove all the ink cartridges, clean their contacts and place them carefully.
  • Push them gently until you listen to a click sound and then proceed with how to replace ink cartridge on HP Envy 7855.