Quick Solutions for How to Setup HP Envy 5640

Make sure to do the setup procedure correctly. Else, an issue might arise, and the functions of your Hewlett Packard printer cannot be performed. Learn how to setup HP Envy 5640 printer with the brief steps that are available on this website.

how to setup HP Envy 5640

HP Envy 5640 Setup Windows

  • First, make sure that the manufacturer’s appropriate seal is stuck on the top of the carton.
  • Cut the tape to open the shipment box and then take the contents such as user manual and warranty card out of it.
  • Now, take your 123.hp.com/envy5460 printer out of the carton and make sure to keep it on a dust free surface.
  • An electrical cable is delivered along with the Envy 5640 printer, use it for establishing the power connection.
  • Insert the electrical cable at the back of your Envy 5640 printer.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to a functioning outlet. Press the Envy 5640 printer’s Power button to switch it On.
  • Open the main input tray, place enough A4 papers, and then close it.
  • Install the black and color cartridges into the appropriate slots.
  • Lower the cartridge access door and proceed with the following steps after the Envy 5640 printer prints an alignment sheet by following How to Setup HP Envy 5640.
  • Download the driver from this page and select the mode of connection as USB.
  • Get a USB cable that is compatible with the Envy 5640 printer.
  • Attach the USB cable to your Windows Personal Computer and the other end to the USB port on your Envy 5640 printer.
  • Check if your Envy 5640 printer appears on the Windows desktop and then do a print job.

How to Setup HP Envy 5640 Mac

  • Generally, the setup process involves unpacking the Envy 5640 printer, setting the power connection, loading the paper, installing the cartridges, downloading the driver, and setting the network connectivity.
  • Once your HP Envy 5640 printer is shipped to your home, confirm whether the correct seal is available.
  • Open the shipment box and remove the accessories such as cartridges, USB cord, and power cable from it.
  • Take the HP Envy 5640 setup printer out of the carton and ensure there are no damages on it.
  • Plug the power cable between the Envy 5640 printer’s rear and the socket.
  • Do not use extensions such as film or strip for the power connection.
  • Load a stack of white papers into the main input tray.
  • Keep the delivered cartridges into the respective slot.
  • Print an alignment sheet to make sure that the cartridges are installed properly.
  • Now, download and launch the HP Easy Start app from this web page.
  • Select USB as the connection type USB or Wireless.
  • Once the driver installation is finished, connect the USB cord at the Envy 5640 printer’s rear.
  • Attach the USB cord’s other end to the correct port on your Mac Personal Computer by following How to Setup HP Envy 5640.