HP Envy 5530 Wireless Connection Setup

HP Envy 5530 Wireless connection is one of the printer connection modes. This section provides separate instructions for Windows and Mac computers.

HP Envy 5530 Wireless

HP Envy 5530 Wireless Setup Windows

  • Gather your wireless network name and password to initiate the link between your HP Envy 5530 printer and the Windows computer.
  • Link your HP Envy 5530 printer and the Personal Computer to the same wireless connection. Locate your printer and the router at a closer distance while setting up the printer.
  • Disconnect any Ethernet cables or USB from the HP Envy 5530 printer. Power up your computer, HP printer and router. keep all the devices within the network’s acceptable range.
  • Connect your Envy 5530 printer to the wireless network by means of the Wireless Setup Wizard. This can make the HP installer to detect your printer easily at the time of installation.
  • Ascertain that your HP printer is powered on, enable the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel. The Wireless window prompts. Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Go with HP Envy 5530 Wireless Setup Wizard, and then trail the instructions provided on the screen to connect the printer over the Wireless network.
  • Choose the document of your choice, use the prompts, and get the print outs of the desired document at professional quality.

HP Envy 5530 Wireless setup Mac

  • Once you get started to initiate the wireless connection, know your network name and the corresponding password. Key in the network name and password, when prompted.
  • Maintain same wireless connection on both the 123.hp.com/envy5530 printer and the Mac computer. Power up your printer, system, and router. Keep all the devices within the acceptable range of the local wireless network.
  • Make use of the Wireless Setup wizard in order to connect your printer and the Personal computer to the wireless network.
  • After powering up the HP Envy 5530 printer, enable the Wireless icon and choose Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the guides to connect the HP Envy 5530 printer to your wireless network.
  • Liable to the printer’s compatibility choose the printer software and driver to be installed on the Mac computer by directing to our website.
  • Follow the prompts to install the driver based on the guides. Once the installation process gets completed, use your 123 HP Envy 5530 printer to get the desired printouts.
  • You can print the document which is saved on your Mac computer.