HP Envy 4512 Install Steps

    HP Envy 4512 Setup Windows

  • Connect your 123.hp.com/envy4512 printer and the system via a USB cable for HP Envy 4512 install. Ensure to plug it into a USB port directly on your system, and not a USB hub.
  • Once you turn on the printer, the computer will automatically detect the HP Envy 4512 printer driver and installs it.
  • Download the driver from our website and follow the steps below:
  • For Wired : Link your printer to the network router using a Ethernet cable. This does not require further network configuration.
  • For Wireless: Enter the network name and password and link the printer and the system wirelessly for HP Envy 4512 setup.
  • Place the printer and the router at a closer distance. Position all your devices within the range of the network to avoid interference.
  • Ensure that you connect the printer and the system to the same wireless network connection.
  • Once the printer has been linked to the network, you can HP Envy 4512 install it in Windows from the control panel.
  • Choose Devices and Printers, Click Add a printer. Tap on Add a network or wireless. Windows starts to scan for the printer on the network.
  • Windows will automatically scan for both local and network printers if you are a Windows 8 OS user.Choose your 123.hp.com/envy4512 printer from the list and then tap on the Next option.
  • Windows instruct you to install the printer drivers. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet and then choose Install driver.
  • Once you are done with the driver installation for HP Envy 4512 install, you are able to print to your network printer.

HP Envy 4512 Setup Mac

  • A network printer that installs directly on your network. Not all printers can be configured as a network printer.
  • Read the guides displayed on the screen and start to install your 123.hp.com/setup envy4512 printer.
  • You can connect the printer to the network in two different ways.
  • For Wired : you can link your printer to your network via a Ethernet cable.
  • For Wireless : Make use of the network name and password and connect your printer and the system to the wireless network.
  • Associate the printer and the computer to the same wireless network connection.
  • Position all your devices within the range of the network.
  • Power up your printer, system and the router. Locate the printer and router at a minimum distance during the 123.hp.com/setup envy4512 procedure.
  • Select the Apple menu and choose the System Preferences option.
  • Click on the Print and Fax option. Choose the plus button to find new printers.
  • Choose your network printer from the Default tab. Choose Add. Your printer gets installed in OS x, and you can choose it from the print menu.
  • Start printing the desired document or photo using your printer after HP Envy 4512 install.