Instant and Simple HP DeskJet 5820 TroubleShooting Solutions

HP DeskJet 5820 TroubleShooting is done on a printer when the printer is offline, the ink cartridges are not installed, there is a paper jam in the input or output tray, the printer fails to scan, the input tray has insufficient papers, or a problem in the printheads of the printer.

HP DeskJet 5820 Printing Blank page

  • Load enough blank papers in the input tray.
  • Try to load appropriate papers on the input tray.
  • Set the printing preferences properly on the printer’s control panel.
  • Try to use genuine HP ink.
  • Also, refill the empty or low ink tank if you find any to fix HP DeskJet 5820 Printing Blank page.
  • Try to reset the printer. Check whether the power cord is inserted properly.

HP DeskJet 5820 Printer Offline

  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor application. Run the downloaded file.
  • When HP Print and Scan Doctor opens, click Start and choose your printer. If it fails, try doing manually.
  • In the Windows, search for Devices and then click the Printers and Scanners option.
  • When it is checked, uncheck the box Let Windows manage my Default Printer.
  • Choose your printer name from the list of printers and then click Manage.
  • Below the Manage your device option, click Set as Default to fix HP DeskJet 5820 Printer Offline.
  • Try printing a test page now after fixing HP DeskJet 5820 TroubleShooting.

HP DeskJet 5820 not connecting to Wi-Fi

  • First, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor application to diagnose the printer hardware issue.
  • If the HP Print and Scan Doctor application doesn’t find your printer, go to the below heading. Choose your Product and then click My Product is not listed to get the steps to connect the printer.
  • When the connection problem is detected, follow the instructions onscreen provided and then click Retry.
  • Move your printer setup and the computer closer to the router.
  • Try to minimize the Wi-Fi channel interferences.
  • On your printer, print a page from the Wireless menu.
  • The HP DeskJet 5820 TroubleShooting issue must be fixed now.

HP Deskjet 5820 not printing in color

  • Always use HP genuine ink for a better quality of the print.
  • Refill the low ink tank.
  • If the ink tank’s are empty, try to replace them to fix HP Deskjet 5820 not printing in color.
  • Check that you are using appropriate papers for the print.
  • Try to change the print settings.
  • Check whether there are any ink smears on the back of the printouts.
  • Try cleaning the printhead manually.

HP Deskjet 5820 not scanning

  • First, install HP Print and Scan Doctor on the computer.
  • The software will diagnose the issue and resolve the printer’s hardware connection issues.
  • When HP Print and Scan Doctor opens, click Fix Scanning to test the scanner and follow the instructions to solve the HP Deskjet 5820 not scanning.
  • If the error persists, follow the below steps.
  • Uninstall the printer’s software to fix HP Deskjet 5820 not scanning.
  • Re-install the printer’s software.
  • Check the Windows Image Acquisition Settings. Now, try scanning a document.

HP DeskJet 5820 TroubleShooting – paper jam error

  • The paper jam error is the most common issue in printers.
  • Check if there is any paper stuck in the input tray.
  • Also, check the output tray of the printer.
  • If you find any paper stuck or substance blocking the pathway, remove it.
  • Also, look for a paper jam in the printhead access area.
  • Check that the carriage moves freely.
  • Plug in the printer directly to the wall outlet and then reset the printer.

Factory Reset on HP Deskjet 5820:

Factory reset is done when the device fails to function properly. The HP DeskJet 5820 doesn’t have the factory reset button. You can try resetting the printer.

How to do Factory Reset on HP Deskjet 5820

  • Turn off the HP DeskJet 5820 printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer.
  • Also, unplug if any USB cable or Ethernet cable are connected to the printer.
  • Wait for a minute after unplugging the power cord and follow How to do Factory Reset on HP Deskjet 5820.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Connect all the cables which were discarded from the printer.
  • Ensure you have inserted the cables in the appropriate slots while doingg How to do Factory Reset on HP Deskjet 5820.
  • The HP DeskJet 5820 reset is complete to avoid HP DeskJet 5820 TroubleShooting.

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