Current HP Deskjet 5820 Driver Download

The HP Deskjet 5820 driver download and installation guide for both Windows and Mac systems. The driver can be downloaded using the Download button on the website or with the USB cable. It can also be downloaded using the installation CD provided with the printer. If you have lost the CD or the CD was not provided to you along with the printer, follow the steps below to install the driver.

hp deskjet 5820 driver download

HP Deskjet 5820 Driver Windows

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Open the Change Device Installation Settings Window.
  • Select the Yes, do it automatically (recommended) option and then click the Save changes option.
  • Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable.
  • The computer displays the Found a New Hardware message.
  • Follow the prompts onscreen until the driver is installed after HP Deskjet 5820 driver download.
  • Check the HP Deskjet 5820 Setup after getting a Print test page.
  • If you are not able to access the printer, open the Devices and Printers folder and then choose the Add a Printer option.
  • Click the Add a local printer option, choose the existing port option, and click Next.
  • Tap Windows update. Wait while the driver is updated.
  • Navigate to the manufacturer’s pane and choose HP.
  • Find your printer’s name and select it.
  • Click the Next tab and proceed with the prompts onscreen to complete the installation.
  • Remove and re-connect the driver after a few seconds. Print a test page for verification.

HP Deskjet 5820 Driver Download for Mac

  • Turn on the HP Deskjet 5820 printer. Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Tap the Apple menu on your Mac OS and then choose System Preferences.
  • Select the Printers and Scanners option from the window that opens.
  • If your 5820 printer’s name is displayed, remove and re-add the printer.
  • Click the Add a Printer or Scanner option if the printer name is not listed.
  • The driver for the printer will be downloaded automatically.
  • Choose the printer’s name from the Print using Menu.
  • Tap the Add option. Try to print or scan from your computer.
  • You can also go to our website.
  • On the left-hand side of the webpage, select the Software, Drivers, Firmware option.
  • Then click the Go option
  • On the Select Operating System version dialog box, type your operating system version and then click Change.
  • Enter the printer model number if prompted.
  • The HP Deskjet 5820 driver download gets completed immediately on your system.