HP Deskjet 2655 Troubleshooting Guide

The HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting guidelines to rectify some of the common issues that ouucurs on 123.hp.com/dj2655 printer.

HP Deskjet 2655 Not Feeding Paper

  • The HP Deskjet 2655 not feeding Paper issue occurs when paper bits or pieces stuck in the loading tray.
  • Not all the alert messaged displayed on the printer’s control panel is true. You need not take any steps to solve the HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting issue, when you find it as a false message.
  • After seeing the message, stop the printer, search for the jammed papers inside your printer. The jam may occur in the primary input tray, or secondary input tray.
  • You should touch the access area of the printer only after powering off the printer by disconnecting the power cord from the printer’s end.
  • Take out all the lose papers, reboot the printer and then attempt to print. If you still find the issue, take out the entire paper stack, and place it again.
  • Tap on the paper stack to make it flat on its surface. This lets your printer to take on the printer without any difficulties.
  • When you find the paper dented in the middle, slide the tray in all the possible way. If it is not in its place, the spring becomes loose.
  • When you find the paper tray is full, the paper feed HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting issue occurs. In general, the paper tray can hold .5 inch stack media in it.
  • Check the output capacity of the printer and place the paper accordingly. Avoid using the paper which is longer than 14 inches. To avoid paper feed issues, stop loading the paper of different types in the input tray. When the paper you feed exceeds the printer specification, the print issue is likely to occur.

HP Deskjet 2655 Print Quality Issue

  • To retain the paper quality back to normal, you have to replace the HP Deskjet 2655 ink cartridge which is about to over.
  • Use the instructions on how to choose the appropriate ink, how to confirm whether the purchased ink is an authentic one, and when to replace new cartridge.
  • Make sure that the paper which you used to print corresponds to the print job which you assigned to the printer.
  • Check whether the paper stack placed in the loading tray is flat and even during HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting. You are recommended not to use the paper that is too rough.
  • When the printout you obtained is too dark or too light, verify whether the printer is running in the Econ Mode Settings. It is recommended not to use the full- time EconMode.
  • Check the printer settings and make sure you have customized the printer according to the acceptable format of it.
  • Check the toner level when the print quality is not obtained as mentioned in the specification.
  • To check the toner level, you have to let your HP Deskjet 2655 printer print a Supplies Status page. You can check the level using the Supplies Status on the Embedded Web Server.
  • It is necessary to use a new ink cartridge instead of using the one which is about to over. Check which cartridge is the cause for the quality issue, and replace that.
  • Let the printer print a cleaning page. At the time of printing process, your printer gets accumulated with the paper, toner, and dust particles in its region for HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting.

HP Deskjet 2655 USB Connection Error

  • When the printer prompts a scanner connection issue on its control panel, allow your printer and computer to boot up after ending all the background programs.
  • Check whether the USB connection you made is firm and secure. When the connection is improper, the scanner connection issue results.
  • If Windows users are experiencing the HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting issue, use a diagnosing tool called HP Print and Scan doctor, run it and find where the issue actually lies.
  • When the printer driver and software you have installed gets crashed, you have to install a new driver to restore the printer functions.
  • Check whether your computer has some other printer devices. If you find some other printer connected to the same network to which your printer is connected to the issue occurs.
  • Go through the prompts to verify the Windows Image Acquisition settings, and then try to scan. If not even a single solutions mentioned above has resolved the 123.hp.com/dj2655 Printer issue.

HP Deskjet 2655 Troubleshooting – Paper Jam Error

  • Remove all the paper from the paper tray and power on the printer, if it is not already on and disconnect the power cord from the socket.
  • Unlock the rear access cover and check for any jammed paper present inside the roller and gradually remove it and replace the rear access cover into its place.
  • To eliminate the torn pieces of paper from the HP Deskjet 2655 printer, power it off and elevate the ADF cover and the tab on the left edge of the ADF to unlock the ADF mechanism during HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting. Remove any bits of paper jammed into ADF.
  • To take out any paper stuck inside the paper tray, keep the tray empty and pull it to its maximum and gradually remove any paper stuck to it. Affirm that paper does tear when the paper.
  • To affirm that the carriage can move freely, when the printer is on. Access the carriage access door and hold on until it becomes silent. Disjoint the power cord and look for any torn pieces of paper inside the printer and eliminate them.
  • Affirm the carriage can move freely by pushing it to the left and right and realign the carriage access door.
  • To wipe the rollers in the carriage access area, power off the printer and access the carriage access door and wipe the rollers with a damp cloth. Permit the rollers to dry completely before you shut the carriage door.
  • Similarly, clean the ADF rollers and the rollers in the rear access area as you did in carriage access area. Subsequently, reset the printer.
  • Disconnect the printer from the socket when your 123.hp.com/dj2655 printer is in on state after HP Deskjet 2655 troubleshooting, and then hold on for 60 seconds. Power on the printer and now check whether you can print the document.