Complete Guide for How to Setup HP Deskjet 2620

So how to setup HP Deskjet 2620, Unbox the printer, and remove all tape, stickers, and packing material from the printer. Ensure that you have removed all the hardware from the box. Attach the power cord to the rear of the printer and an electrical outlet. Turn on the printer, install the ink cartridge, load the paper tray, and install the printer software from the manufacturer’s site.

how to setup HP Deskjet 2620

HP Deskjet 2620 Setup Windows

  • Check if the computer is connected to your wireless network and you have Internet access.
  • It is recommended to provide broadband internet access for software downloads.
  • Check if the router and computer are turned on.
  • Set up the printer, load paper, and install the ink cartridge. Visit the developer’s site to get more information about the HP Deskjet 2620 setup.
  • Turn on the printer and install the printer software.
  • Keep the printer the router’s range during the setup.
  • Detach the USB cable at the printer’s rear while following how to setup HP Deskjet 2620.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s site, and then click Download to install and run the HP Easy Start application.
  • If prompted to select your printer, select My Printer Is Not Shown.
  • The Printer is not found screen opens.
  • Click Continue and then select the Wireless network (if applicable) option.
  • Click Continue and then follow the on-screen direction to complete the setup.
  • If the download fails, then go back to the manufacturer’s support page.
  • Click Printer, type your printer’s model number and then select Submit. Now your printer gets included in the list.

How to Setup HP Deskjet 2620 Mac

  • Before installing the printer software, check the requirements.
  • Use Internet access such as cable or DSL for software download, using Web Services and getting printer updates.
  • Make sure the computer, printer, and the router are turned on, and they connected to the same wireless network. Start the printer setup and load the paper into the paper tray.
  • Install the ink cartridge into the slot.
  • Visit the manufacturer’s site to obtain information about the HP Deskjet 2620 setup.
  • Power on the printer, and place it close to the router during the setup procedure.
  • Detach any USB cables from the printer if connected. Make sure the wireless light blinks on the printer’s control panel.
  • If the power button is not blinking, then press and hold the Wireless and Cancel button at the same time for three seconds.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s site and click Download to start the printer installation.
  • After installation, open HP Easy Start–>Set Up My HP Product. On the Terms and Conditions page, click Accept. Click Continue on the Prepare Screen.
  • The Content screen lists your printer and serial number.
  • On the Connect screen, select the printer and click Continue. Perform the on-screen instructions to complete by following how to setup HP Deskjet 2620.