HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Download

For utilizing all the additional features in the printer,you can install the full feature driver.You can install the HP Deskjet 2131 driver download from our website or by using the software installation CD that came with the printer’s packaging.

HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Download Windows

  • Utilize the Windows Update available in the system to install the built-in driver for the 123.hp.com/dj2131 printer.
  • Access the Windows Device Installation Settings, and examine whether the system is configured to automatically download the HP Deskjet 2131 driver.
  • In Windows,look for the control panel settings and then select the Change Device Installation Settings in the list of results.
  • On the Device Installation Settings screen,choose Yes and then store the changes done.
  • You can also access the software installation CD to install the HP Deskjet 2131 driver download on the system.
  • Open the .exe file from the HP folder and then install the driver by using the on-screen prompts.
  • In certain cases,visit our website to download the printer driver and software based on the operating system compatibility and printer model.
  • Once you have downloaded the driver, open the .exe setup file for Windows operating system to install the driver.
  • Trail the commands mentioned on the screen to install the upgraded HP Deskjet 2131 printer driver and software.

HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Download Mac

  • Install the 123.hp.com/dj2131 printer driver for your Mac with the help of Apple Software Update.
  • Prior installing the driver,ensure that the printer is powered up and is linked to the system.
  • You can download the driver download either from our website or make use of the installation CD.
  • In case you are installing using the software installation CD, place the CD on the computer’s disc drive. Access the contents in the CD by clicking on it. Look for the .dmg file in the folder.
  • Double click on the .dmg file to install the driver in the system and follow the on-screen guidelines to accomplish the installation process.
  • In case the CD is crashed, move to our website to download the printer driver and software .
  • Index in the printer model number and version of the operating system to download the proper HP Deskjet 2131 driver for the printer.
  • In case you have downloaded the incorrect driver,you will not be able to print from the printer and creates some problem on your printer.
  • While downloading the driver,make sure that .dmg file is downloaded for the system.
  • After HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Download, double click on the .dmg 123.hp.com/dj2131 file to install the driver in the system.