HP Deskjet 1112 Driver Download

The below steps lets you install the driver using a CD which you get along with your HP Deskjet 1112 Driver printer.

  • Take out the CD and check if it is in a usable condition.
  • Place the CD into your computer and hold on until it is detected. Access the drive and trail the on-screen instructions and accomplish the installation successfully.
  • Once the installation process is accomplished, you can get a message on the screen asking you to link the printer. Follow the prompts to connect your 123.hp.com/dj1112 printer.
  • The below instructions are for users who do not have an installation CD. They can download it from our website and install it using the instruction we provide.

    HP Deskjet 1112 Windows Setup

  • It is mandatory to check whether your printer is set to automatically download the HP Deskjet 1112 driver software inside the Windows Device Installation setup.
  • To do this, look for the Change Device Installation settings in your computer and choose yes and save changes.
  • Subsequently, link your HP Deskjet 1112 printer to the computer. Do this either via USB or through the network.
  • If you opt for the USB connection mode, link the USB cable from the printer to the Computer and wait until the computer detects it.
  • If you opt for the wireless connection method, utilize the network name and password.
  • Search for devices and select Devices and Printers option on your computer’s search results. Click the Add a printer option.

HP Deskjet 1112 Mac Setup

  • Use the Apple Software update in order to install the 123 HP Deskjet 1112 driver on the Mac. Power up the printer and establish the connection by means of a USB cable or a LAN.
  • After conforming the printer connection, tap on the Apple Menu on the Mac and go with the System Preference option.
  • Tap on the Printers and Scanners option from the System Preferences and scrutinize if your printer is listed there.
  • If your printer’s name occurs in the list, exclude and re- include your 123 hp dj1112 printer again. To remove, you have to pick out the printer and click on the – sign and remove it from the list. Tap on the + sign and click the Add Printer or Scanner option and choose your printer from the list.
  • If your printer’s name is not shown verify HP Deskjet 1112 driver installed correctly, tap the + sign and click Add Printer or Scanner option followed by picking out the printer from the list.