Fixing: HP Deskjet 1010 Troubleshooting

The HP 1010 printer may encounter issues due to its continuous usage. Few common HP Deskjet 1010 Troubleshooting issues are as follows: printer is offline, printer not printing color, print head problem, the printer is not printing black color, paper feed problem, lights flashing on the control panel, and paper jam

HP Deskjet 1010 will not print color

  • Check the ink level in the HP Deskjet 1010 printer cartridge.
  • To check it, click the Start menu on your computer.
  • Click Control Panel, select Devices and Printers, and double-click your HP printer name.
  • Click HP Print Assistant to open the HP Printer Software.
  • Double-click Print. Tap Estimated ink levels.
  • The Graph page will open displaying the ink level in each of the installed cartridges.
  • If the HP Deskjet 1010 Troubleshooting ink in the color ink cartridge is low, you will have to replace it.

HP Deskjet 1010 Printer offline

  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor software.
  • Run the software from the download location in your computer.
  • When the HP Print and Scan Doctor opens, tap Start, and choose your Printer.
  • If your printer is not in the list, switch the printer on and then turn it off. Now tap Retry.
  • When the screen prompts you to turn on the printer updates, click the Yes option.
  • In case the screen prompts you to make your printer as the default printing source, click the Yes option.
  • Verify whether the issue is fixed by printing a test page using the HP Deskjet 1010 printer.

HP Deskjet 1010 not printing black

  • Try cleaning the cartridges using an automated tool.
  • Open HP Print Assistant on your computer.
  • Click Maintain your Printer and then select the Devices Services option.
  • Tap Clean Ink Cartridges and follow the on-screen prompts to clean the cartridges.
  • Select the Print option to print a test page.
  • If the issue persists, try replacing the black ink cartridge.
  • Insert the Black ink cartridge into the right slot.

HP Deskjet 1010 all lights flashing

  • If all the lights are flashing on the printer, you need to check the error corresponding to the number of flashes.
  • Pull the output tray out and remove any jammed paper.
  • Ensure that the cartridges are installed into the appropriate slots.
  • Check if you have closed the cartridge access door.
  • Power cycle the printer.
  • If the HP Deskjet 1010 Troubleshooting issue remains unresolved, try to reset the printer.

How to Clean hp Deskjet 1010 printhead

  • Try to use genuine HP Ink cartridges to avoid printhead problems.
  • Remove the empty ink cartridge from the carriage.
  • Try to clean the cartridge contacts and vents.
  • Wipe the electrical contacts inside the printer as well.
  • Try to update the printer firmware.
  • Reset the printer and check if the issue has resolved.
  • If the issue persists, service the printer.

HP Deskjet 1010 Paperfeed Problem

  • The quality and type of paper you intend to use should meet the printer specifications.
  • Remove any curled, wrinkled, or damaged paper.
  • Since the paper feed problems can occur more often in a humid place, place the printer in a dry location.
  • Do not print on a paper which is already printed.
  • Remove the stack of paper from the input tray, place it on a flat surface, and align the edges.
  • Ensure that the size of the paper stack does not exceed the mark on the input tray.
  • If the issue persists, try resetting the printer.

HP Deskjet 1010 paper jam error

  • The paper jam error may occur in the input, output or inside the printer.
  • Turn off the printer, and detach the USB cable connected to it.
  • Look for jammed paper in the areas mentioned above.
  • If there is a jam, remove the jammed paper slowly using both your hands.
  • There are also chances for minute particles getting stuck in the above-mentioned jam-prone areas. Clear those particles.
  • Also, check the carriage path and remove any obstructions from it.
  • Reset the HP Deskjet 1010 printer if all the above steps did not help.

HP Deskjet 1010 Troubleshooting

How to do a Factory Reset on HP Deskjet 1010

The factory reset process is done on the HP Deskjet 1010 printer if the print job is stuck in the print queue, or due to incomplete print driver installation or communication gap between the printer and your system. Resetting the printer will restore all the print settings to the factory defaults. Follow the procedure below to reset the HP Deskjet 1010 printer.

HP Deskjet 1010 Printer Troubleshooting

  • On the Mac system, click the Apple menu -> System Preferences.
  • Select Print and Scan, Print and Fax, or Printers and Scanners option.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Printers window and then choose Reset Printing System.
  • Tap Reset or OK. If prompted to enter the user name and password, type them and then click the OK button.
  • Power Off the printer, wait for ten seconds, and turn it on again. Wait for the HP Deskjet 1010 printer to stay idle before you proceed.
  • On the Printers window of the Mac OS, tap the Add button.
  • Choose your HP printer from the list of available printers, and then click Add. The Factory Reset function will begin.
  • To fix certain HP Deskjet 1010 Troubleshooting errors, a power reset can help. Unplug the power cable while the printer is turned on and reconnect it after a few seconds.