HOw to Change ink cartridge on HP Envy 5055

The ink cartridges on the HP Envy 5055 printer need to be replaced when they go low. So how to change ink cartridge on HP Envy 5055, It is always recommended to replace the cartridges rather than refilling them as it prevents ink leaks, page smears, and carriage malfunction. The replacement process is simple as it can be completed by performing the steps given on this site.

    HP Envy 5055 ink cartridge installation

    Steps to perform the ink cartridge installation on the HP Envy 5055 printer.

  • Pull the paper input tray out and load a stack of paper in it and follow the steps for how to change ink cartridge on HP Envy 5055.
  • Adjust the paper width guides until they touch the edge of the paper.
  • Look for the small handles on the sides of the printer, use them to open the input tray.
  • If the cartridges are already installed, press on top of the cartridge to remove it.
  • Take the new cartridge out from its packaging. Use the pull tab to detach the plastic tape from the cartridge.
  • Do not to touch the copper contact or nozzles as it can lead to ink system failure.
  • Hold the sides of the cartridge gently and then slide it into the slot.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door.

How to check ink level on HP Envy 5055

You need to check the ink levels periodically in order to maintain optimum functionality. To do so, go with the steps given below.

  • Check the ink levels from printer’s control panel by tapping the ink drop icon on the home menu.
  • On Windows computers, either use the HP Smart App or HP Print and Scan Doctor Tool.
  • For Mac computers, you need to click the Apple icon, select System Preferences and then choose Printers and Scanners.
  • Here, click on your printer from the list, select Options & Supplies and then choose Supplies.
  • You can also view the level from your smartphone by simply installing the HP Smart app from Play Store or Apple Store and do process for how to change ink cartridge on HP Envy 5055.

HP Envy 5055 ink cartridge problems

Two major reasons for ink cartridge issues in Envy 5055 are cartridges missing or printhead error. Some cartridge issues and their solutions are given below.

  • The most common mistake that people do while purchasing a replacement ink cartridge for their printer is not checking its compatibility that causes hp envy 5055 ink cartridge problems.
  • Incompatible ink cartridges are one of the main issues faced by the printer.
  • Check the ink cartridge label to be sure that you have purchased a genuine cartridge.
  • Ink cartridge errors can be detected by the error message that displays on the printer’s control panel that causes HP Envy 5055 ink cartridge problems.
  • Open the cartridge access door, take out the cartridge, inspect it, and re-seat it into the slot.
  • Clean the metal contacts on the cartridges using dry foam rubber swabs or any soft material.
  • Restart the printer and perform printing if not follow the steps for how to change ink cartridge on hp envy 5055.