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Your printer supports the print, scan function. In addition to these, you can enable the Mobile printing feature. You can use your printer for both home and office use. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to set up your printer.


HP Envy 7645 Paper Jam

Printers face this issue if the loaded sheets are not proper, crushed, or the size of the printing sheets differ from the printer’s specification. In such cases, remove the printing sheets stuck in your printer, use your device more effectively. After removing the paper, start performing the print job.

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HP Envy 7645 Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

If you are not able to connect your 7645 printer with the wireless network, restart the printer and the router you use. Connect your printer to the network that has the bandwidth set to 2.4 GHz. Keep the router close to your HP printer. Remove other electronic devices like microwave and other electronic devices can cause interference with your printer. Check if you can perform the printer functions properly when connected to the wireless network.

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HP Envy 7645 won’t Scan

Check if you have downloaded the driver that is compatible with your printer and the OS you use. Clear are any jams that occur on the ADF. If yes, remove them carefully. Ensure that there are no finger impressions, dust, and debris on the scanner glass of your printer. Now try performing the Scan function using your HP printer.

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HP Envy 7645 Driver Download

Drivers enable the communication between your printer and the system you use. Ensure that you download the compatible driver for your printer. The driver that is available for Windows in the .exe format and Mac in .dmg format. Type the printer’s model name in the search bar of this site and click on the Download button from the Driver section. Ensure that you have chosen the appropriate driver with respect to the OS you use to avoid future errors. The download speed may differ with respect to the network connectivity. After completing the downloading process, double-click on the file to begin the installation.

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HP Envy 7645 Setup

The first step is to unbox your Envy device from the parcel to set up your printer. Keep the printer on a smooth and flat surface, and then remove all the protective materials from your printer. You can either dispose the packing or recycle it. Connect the power cord to one end of your printer, and the other end to the power socket directly. Press the ‘Power Button’ and turn On your 7645 printer. Set the preferences as per your wish. Now, pull out the paper input tray and load the printing sheets that are recommended by the manufacturer. On opening the ink cartridge access door, place the genuine ink cartridges in their slots. Close the cartridge access door and then download and install the driver software compatible with the OS and your printer.

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HP Envy 7645 Wireless Setup

You can connect your HP Envy 7645 setuo printer to the wireless network. Check if you have placed the printer within the range of the network. Power On and press the WPS button on your HP Envy printer. Ensure that you know the network’s SSID name and password. Press the WPS button on your router also. Your printer should be connected to the network that has a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz. You can establish the wireless connection using the Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi router, Wireless direct, WPS PIN method or WPS Pushbutton method, and you can perform the printer function even by enabling the Mobile printing option on your system.

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Doesn’t matter if it is the first time you’re setting up your printer or you’re looking to upgrade the driver software on your device. Click on the link below to start downloading the latest drivers for your 7645 printer.

HP Envy 7645 Mobile Printing Setup

Mobile printing is the process of sending any data or information from your smart device like a tablet, mobile phone, etc., to the printer wirelessly. This feature makes you perform the tasks efficiently. Your HP Envy 7645 printer supports the Mobile printing feature where you will have to connect your printer and the system you use to the same wireless network. By connecting the devices to the same network, you can establish the communication successfully.

HP Envy 7645 AirPrint Setup

  • Connect your HP Envy 7645 setup printer to the Mac device and the home network.
  • Add your printer to the queue by clicking Apple icon —-> System Preferences.
  • Check if the name of your 7645 printer is listed. If yes, remove and re-add your printer to the list.
  • If your printer name is not listed, then add your printer to the list by pressing the (+) plus symbol.
  • In case the name of your printer is not displayed, click the Add Printers and Scanners option to search for a network and add your device to the list.
  • Open any application and start printing the necessary documents.

HP Envy 7645 ePrint Setup

  • Key in the printer’s email address in the To field.
  • Type a subject and attach the document to be printed to the mail. Click Send.
  • You can also forward the mail you want to print to the printer’s email address.
  • Press the keys Ctrl+A buttons by keeping the webpage to be printed open.
  • Tap Share and select the email option. Compose a mail and click Send on your mobile device.
  • On pressing the Print option after configuring the settings, the print job gets done.

How To Scan On HP Envy 7645

The Scan function is the process of having a copy of the printed document on your computer, email, etc. Ensure that you have installed the driver and the connections are made correctly with your HP Envy 7645 setup printer. Scan To Computer

  • Power Up the HP printer by long pressing the power button.
  • Keep the document in the ADF or on the Scanner glass correctly to perform the Scan function.
  • The print side is facing down if you are placing the document on the scanner glass.
  • In case you place the file in the ADF, the print side should face up.
  • Press the Scan button using the control panel of your 7645 printer.
  • Wait until your document is scanned. You can view the preview of your scanned document on the system.

HP Envy 7645 Scan To Email

  • Verify whether the driver files are installed correctly. Establish the connection with your printer.
  • Keep the document on the scanner glass by placing the print side facing down.
  • You can also place the document in the ADF by keeping the print side face up.
  • Press the Scan icon on your printer and choose Scan to email.
  • Menu names may differ with respect to the printer model you use.
  • Enter the email address in the To field to send attach the document.
  • Click on the scanned file and attach it to the mail. Tap the Send button.