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HP Envy 7640 Paper Jam Error

Even the presence of small bit of paper will stop the printer from your printing the required document. Take out the jammed paper from the printer and reboot it. You are recommended to use the paper type and size to take out the printouts of the desired documents. Check the manual, if the issue is not get sorted.

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HP Envy 7640 Ink Cartridge Replacement

Installation of the ink cartridge is a step which is done after installing all the hardware accessories that come with your printer. Get a new authentic ink cartridge so as to avoid ink cartridge issue. When the printer issue lies with the ink cartridge issue, the printouts that you receive have smears and fine lines which is not actually fair.

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HP Envy 7640 Scanner Issues

Though you have installed the appropriate driver and HP Scan software liable to the printer model, it might fail occasionally. As soon as you receive the scanner issue on the printer’s control panel, check the version of the Scan software you have installed. If the issue still exists, use HP Print and Scan doctor tool to get the scanning function back to normal.

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HP Envy 7640 Printing blank page

When the ink cartridge you are using gets dried out or is about to get over, the printer control panel shows an alert message stating that the print blank page. If you resume printing, the printouts which you obtained do not have expected print quality. Check what the issue is actually about, and then make an attempt to print again for best results.

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HP Envy 7640 Printer Offline Error

When the communication between the printer and the computer is not maintained, the printer displays an alert message on its control panel stating that printer offline is occurred. As soon as you receive the message, you have to check the connection and reboot the system. In most cases doing these steps will resolve the issue.

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HP Envy 7640 Driver Download

You can get only limited features, if you download and install the basic printer driver. It is recommended to install the full feature printer driver and software to get all the supported features offered by printer. Instructions for both Windows and Mac users are at our finger tips. Trail the tips to get the printer driver installed on your computer and get the desired print outs.

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How to install HP Envy 7640 Printer

The printer starts to function only after installing the required printer driver and software. Once the driver installation process gets completed, get the computer and the printer connected to the network in order to establish the communication between them. Then make an attempt to print the document at expected quality.

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HP Envy 7640 Wireless Setup

Once you start to print the document, use wireless setup network as a medium of connection and initiate the connection between the printer. You can go with the Wireless Direct connect or key in the network name and password to connect the computer to the printer. Make a multiple connection to a single wireless network, if needed.

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HP Envy 7640 Printer Setup


How To Print

Customize your printer to print the photo or document. Alter the settings in order to get the output of your choice. Have a look at the preview of the document to be printed and have an idea on how your printout looks like.

How To Copy

Customize your printer to get the required copies of documents. Place the items whose copy is to be taken on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder. Check whether your printer is compatible with the two sided copy feature.

How To Scan

Personalize your printer to take a scan of the required items. After scanning the required materials, save it in the PDF format, JPEG or in the Editable text format. You can even attach the scanned documents to your email and forward it to the desired account.