Get the Complete Guide for Setup Printer

The printer is a workgroup printer in which you can scan, print, fax, or copy. You have to ensure that you download and install the printer driver and software. For any issues or problems like offline, paper jam, cartridge error, etc., troubleshooting helps us to fix these errors.


HP Deskjet 5570 Paper jam

View the Power button on the printer & turn it on. Now, wait until the printer is silent before you proceed. Remove the power cord from the rear of the printer with the printer switched on. Take the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait for at least 60 seconds. Insert the power cord back into the wall outlet. Now, connect back the power cord into the rear of the printer. Switch on the printer updates if it does not automatically switch on.

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How to install ink cartridge in HP Deskjet 5570

View the Power button on the printer and switch it on. Now, open the ink cartridge access door by keeping two fingers on one or both of the small handles on the sides of the door and lift it. Remove the protective tape from the cartridge. Slide in the new cartridge into the empty slot and push up on the cartridge until it holds in place. Now, close the cartridge door and tap OK.

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HP Deskjet 5570 Printer Offline

Download HP Print and Scan Doctor and run HPPSdr.exe from the download location of the computer. Once it gets opened, select Start and choose the printer. If the printer is not included the list, switch it off and on then select Retry. If a screen asks you to turn on HP Deskjet 5570 setup printer updates, select Yes. If a screen asks you to make the printer as the default printer, select Yes. You can also search Windows for Devices and select Devices and Printers from the list of results. Now, right-click the name of the printer that is not grayed out and choose Set as Default Printer.

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HP Deskjet 5570 won’t connect to wi-fi

Get the network name and the network security passphrase. It is alternatively called the SSID or WEP or WPA key respectively. Check if the system is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Place the printer close to the computer during the process. Check if the printer, computer, and the router are plugged in. Make sure the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which you need to connect the printer.

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HP Deskjet 5570 Won’t Print

Gather the dry foam rubber swab, lint-free cloth, or any other soft material. Switch on the printer and hold the handles on the sides of the printer. Raise the access door until it firmly locks in place. The carriage moves to the middle of your printer. Wait until the carriage is silent before you proceed. To release the cartridge, lift the lid on the slot and push the lid back until it stops. Pull the cartridge to take it from the slot. Hold the cartridge by the sides. Moisten the cloth with distilled water and squeeze excess water from it. Clean the edges and face around the nozzle with the swab. Allow the cleaned area to dry or utilize a new swab for it. Handle the cartridge by the sides and slide the cartridge forward in the slot. Close the lid and the access door.

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HP Deskjet 5570 driver download

The driver connects the printer to the computer. It is used for enhancing the function of the printer. The driver file format is .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac. The driver file displays either on the browser downloads bar or the Downloads folder of the computer. You can also install HP ePrint and Utiility software for quick installation and latest updates. You can click the file for full download process of the driver. The HP Deskjet 5570 Setup printer drivers have two variants such as basic and full featured driver. The user manualprovides you the information about printer. Install the full featured printer driver software to enable all features on your printer. The printer drivers and manual can be downloaded from the link given on this site.

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HP Deskjet 5570 Setup

Take the printer out of the package. Clear the tapes and packaging materials from the outside of the printer. Peel off the sticker from the printer’s control panel. Lift the scanner lid. Remove the packaging materials from the scanner glass. Now, close the scanner lid. Open the cartridge access door, remove the packaging from there, and close the door. Connect an end of the power cord to the rear of the HP Deskjet 5570 setup printer and another end to the electrical outlet. Locate the Power button on the printer and press it. Tap the preferred language and press OK on the printer’s control panel. Choose the specific region/ country and select OK. Install the cartridges and place some plain papers in the paper tray. Download and install the printer software.

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HP Deskjet 5570 wireless setup

Get the network name or SSID and the network security password and a computer connected to the wireless network. Keep it close to the computer during the installation. Ensure that the router, printer, and computer are on. Verify that the printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network. Tap the Network, Setup, or Wireless menu on the printer’s control panel. Press HP Deskjet 5570 Wireless Setup Wizard and connect the printer. In case of a Wi-Fi connection, tap and hold the Wireless button on the HP Deskjet 5570 Setup printer’s control panel. Leave the button when the wireless light begins to blink. Tap and release the WPS button on the wireless router within two minutes. Wait while the router and the printer establish the network connection.

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Doesn’t matter if it is the first time you’re setting up your printer or you’re looking to upgrade the driver software on your device. Click on the link below to start downloading the latest drivers for your HP Deskjet 5570 Setup printer.

HP Deskjet 5570 Mobile Printing setup

Install or update the Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store app. Swipe down on the top of the Android device to display the notification dashboard. See if it gets installed and press the Tap to Enable notification. Press Print Service Plugin and touch On. Open the one you need to print, tap the menu icon, and touch Print. It opens the print preview screen. Press the down arrow to see the printer list. Choose the printer and select the HP [the printer model name] from the list of printers. Press the down arrow to change the print settings and touch the Print icon. Airprint Setup

  • Set up a network connection and ensure that the printer is switched on.
  • Make sure that the cartridges ate installed and some plain paper is placed in the tray.
  • Open the one you need to print and press the Share icon.
  • Press Print icon or the Print option to open the Printer Option tab.
  • Touch Select Printer to choose the printer.

HP Deskjet 5570 eprint Setup

  • Switch on the HP Deskjet 5570 printer, keep some plain papers in the input tray, and ensure that the cartridges are installed.
  • Create a new email account.
  • Type your printer email address in the To section.
  • Type the subject in the email subject line.
  • Attach the photo or document in the email and select Send.

How To copy

Place the photo or document on the scanner glass or in the automatic document feeder based on the printer type and features. Tap Copy Photo, Copy Document, or Copy on the HP Deskjet 5570 setup printer’s control panel, and change the basic available settings as required. Tap Settings or the gear icon to see advanced copy settings. Depending on the printer, tap Start or return to the main Copy screen by pressing Back and then tap Start Color, Start Black, or OK to begin the copy application.

How To Scan

Place the document you need to scan in the document feeder or on the scanner glass. Search Windows for HP and choose the printer which opens the HP Printer Assistant software. Choose Scan and select Scan a Photo or Document. The HP Scan gets opened. Now, choose a scan shortcut, select the scan job settings, and choose Scan.