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HP Deskjet 2135 Paper Jam Error

A paper jam in the system can cause you to suspend the ongoing process temporarily until the issue has been resolved or there is a fair chance that the warning can be false. When a paper gets jammed in the system and a warning appears on the screen, there are a number of things you need to eliminate the paper jam. The steps to eliminate a paper jam are mentioned clearly in this document.

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HP Deskjet 2135 Ink Cartridge Issues

If there is a noticeable quality difference in your printed documents or if the characters in the documents are broken, there is a possibility that there might be some issues with the ink cartridge. Also, if there is a message displayed on your printer screen that the toner is empty, it is time for you to replace the cartridge. By following the steps in the document you will be able to easily resolve the issue.

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HP Deskjet 2135 Scanner Connection Error

A scanner connection error occurs when the connection between the printer and the computer is lost and the printer is unable to find the computer and vice versa. This connection issue needs to be resolved before you can start scanning documents on your printer. An error message will be displayed on either the computer screen or the printer screen that confirms the issue.

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HP Deskjet 2135 Black Ink Not Printing

If the documents printed using the black ink in your printer turn out unappealing or if the printer does not print using the black ink, then there is a problem with the ink cartridge. There is a chance that the cartridge might be damaged or the ink levels inside the toner might below. Follow the steps written in the document to learn how to resolve this issue and replace the cartridge if needed.

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HP Deskjet 2135 Printer Offline Error

A printer goes offline when the connection between the printer and the computer drops regardless of the type of connection. When a printer goes offline, it stops printing documents until the connection is re-established. An error message will be displayed that the printer is offline. To know how to solve the problem, follow the steps listed in the document.

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HP Deskjet 2135 Driver Download

A driver is a piece of software that is essential for a printer to perform even the most basic task. It acts as a bridge between the commands given by the user and the printer hardware. Driver software can either be installed from the CD provided alongside the printer by the manufacturer or it can be downloaded from our website. Learn how to download the driver in this document.

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How to install a DeskJet 2135 Printer

A printer installation includes both hardware and the software. The installation begins with unboxing the device to installing the necessary driver software. Also, the hardware installation includes creating a connection between the printer and the computer. To your printer and get it to start working without any trouble, follow the steps listed below in the document.

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How to Print in HP Deskjet 2135

To start printing a document using the printer, open the document that you want to print on your computer and select print. Change the print settings like orientation, number of copies, print quality etc. before you proceed to click Print. If your printer has an ADF, then it is a time savign option.For step by step instruction on how to print a document and how to perform duplex printing, open the document.

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Doesn’t matter if it is the first time you’re setting up your printer or you’re looking to upgrade the driver software on your device. Click on the link below to start downloading the latest drivers for your printer.

HP Deskjet 2135 Setup Printer Setup

  • The 2135 printer can only be connected via USB and cannot be connected to a network.
  • The printer does not support mobile printing, so on-the-go printing is not possible.
  • The minimum requirements for Mac are at least 1 GB disk space with internet access.
  • The minimum requirements for a Windows 10 PC are 2 GB disk space with 1 GB RAM.
  • The minimum requirement for a Linux system is Linux Kernel 2.4.19
  • The input paper tray in the printer has a capacity to hold 60 sheets of plain paper.
  • The output tray can hold up to 25 sheets of regular paper and 10 sheets of photo paper.
  • It supports A4, A5, A6, B5, U.S Executive/Legal/Letter/ Statement etc. paper sizes.
  • The printer supports Manual two-sided (duplex) printing.
  • The printer can make up to 99 copies of the original document.
  • The printer is ENERGY STAR® certified which means that it will conserve energy.
  • The printer is an all in one and can perform print, scan and copy operations. Dj2135

How To Print in HP Deskjet 2135

To print a document from your printer, load paper into the tray and turn on the printer. Make sure the printer is connected to the computer via USB. Now open the document that you want to print on your computer. In the print menu, enter the number of copies and desired quality and select print.

How To Scan in HP Deskjet 2135

Place the document on the scanner glass with the printed side facing down aligned with the lines on the scanner glass and close the lid. Now select the destination where you want the scanned document to be saved and choose the file type. After that, select the desired quality and hit scan.

How To Copy in HP Deskjet 2135

Turn on the printer and load paper into the tray. Place the document that you want to print on the scanner glass with the print side facing down and with the lines on the scanner glass. Click on the Start copy Black option for monochrome documents and Start copy color for colored.