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HP Deskjet 2131 Paper Jam Error

Are you worried on how to eliminate the jammed paper from the printer? If the jammed paper is located inside the printer,it is not difficult to eradicate it from the printer.It is a very simple method to eliminate it. To eliminate the jammed paper from the interior and posterior of the printer,we provide you certain guidelines and also tips on how to discard the jammed paper which does not allow you to print the items.

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HP Deskjet 2131 ink cartridge Replacement

Ink cartridge replacement is done when the HP Deskjet 2131 ink cartridge is not compatible with the printer model or the printer ink cartridge is faulty.In such cases,the printer displays ”ink cartridge issue” message in the control panel of the printer, you need to uninstall the ink cartridge, examine the ink cartridge and then install genuine ink cartridges for the printer.Instructions to solve the issue is provided in a very simple method.

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HP Deskjet 2131 Scanner Connection Error

While you are in need of scanning a document,the printer display scanner not found the message in the control panel of the printer. In such cases, examine the connection between the printer and system.If the connection is not firm, you will not be able to scan the item. To solve the scanner issue for both Windows and Mac operating system, we provide you different steps which makes your process much simpler and easier.

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HP Deskjet 2131 Print Jobs Stuck in Queue

When you are trying to print a page from the printer,but you are not able to print as the print job gets stuck in the print queue. When the print job is stuck in the print queue, you will not be able to proceed with the further print jobs. To overcome the issue,try to delete the print jobs in the print queue and then resume printing. We provide you certain steps for Windows and Mac operating system

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HP Deskjet 2131 Printer Offline Error

When you are in need of printing an important document or photo, the printer displays a frustrating message ”printer offline” in the control panel of the printer. The issue mainly occurs due to improper communication between the printer and system. We provide you separate methods to sort out the printer offline issue for Windows and Mac operating system. Trail the instructions to overcome the issue.

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HP Deskjet 2131 Setup

HP Deskjet 2131 Driver Download

Download the upgraded printer driver and software which provides additional features for the dj2131 printer. While installing, primarily try to use the software installation CD to download the driver. If you are not able to access the printer driver,try to download and install the driver from our website based on the operating system compatibility and printer model number.

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How to Install a HP Deskjet 2131 Printer

Initially,take away the printer from the box to eliminate all the packing materials in the printer. After elimination,connect the power cord to the printer’s rear and to the power socket. Insert the ink cartridges to their respective slots. After installation of the printer driver and software, include the printer’s name to the list.

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HP Deskjet 2131 USB Printer Setup

For setting up the printer for USB connection, it is necessary to obtain a USB cable which should be in length less than 3m. Ensure that the printer supports USB connection. We provide you certain steps for USB connection for Windows and Mac operating system which makes you 123 hp setup 2131 process more simpler and faster

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Do you want to download the upgraded HP Deskjet 2131 driver and software? Click on the link below to download the driver for the printer. We also provide you manual on how to install the driver in the system on our website.

HP Deskjet 2131 Setup


HP Deskjet 2131 Printer Functions

  • The dj2131 printer is compact in size which saves your space.
  • Print,scan and copy features for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Utilize Manual Duplex printing option to save time and money.
  • Print multiple items in high quality with less ink
  • Utilize the USB printing to print the items from the pen drive.
  • The input tray can handle up to 60 sheets of paper and the output tray up to 25 sheets.
  • Utilize flatbed scanner to scan the documents or photos.
  • The scan supported file formats are JPEG,TIFF,PDF,BMP and PNG.
  • Utilize the simple configuration system for easy handling.
  • The Deskjet printer is easy to operate for both home and office purpose.
  • The printer is user-friendly so it is very easy to use.
  • Save 50% of power with Energy Star certified printer dj2131 PRINTER SETUP

How To Print

Initially,click on the print icon on the printer’s control panel to print the document or photo. Alter the print settings in the item,if necessary. As the printer supports manual duplex printing,print on both sides of pages by flipping the pages manually.

How To Scan

While you are scanning,place the document or photo on the scanner glass or in the ADF based on the printer model. You can scan your documents and send to the printer’s email address. If necessary,you can print from the dj2131 printer.

How To Copy

Take any number of copies of a hard copy using the copy feature. Click on the copy button on the control panel of the printer. You will be able to copy on both one and dual-side using this feature which saves your time as well as paper.