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 For setting up the HP Officejet Pro 9015 printer hardware for the first time, initially take the printer out from the carton and connect it to a power outlet. Install the ink cartridges properly, load enough paper to complete the print job, and then properly align the printhead.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 SETUP

How To Unbox and Setup HP Officejet Pro 9015 Printer

  • Get the printer out from the carton and situate it on a flat surface.
  • Detach the labels and protective tapes from the printer surface and control panel.
  • Clear away the packing materials from the scanner glass.
  • Link the printer to the power source using the power cord shipped with the printer.
  • Unpack the ink cartridge from its package.
  • Access the ink cartridge area and stay back until the carriage stops moving.
  • Place the ink cartridges into the respective slots.
  • Exit from the cartridge area after closing the door.
  • Drag the input tray out and adjust the paper guides.
  • Place some plain white papers into the input tray with the print side facing down.
  • Let the paper guides rest on the sides of the paper stack.
  • Propel the input tray inside the printer and ensure it is placed firmly.
  • Tap OK on the control panel to start aligning and wait until the printer prints an alignment report.
  • Place the HP Officejet pro 9010 setup printer report on the scanner platen with the printed side down.
  • Tap Scan and wait until the operation panel displays the message Alignment Successful.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 USB Connection Setup

  • Check the basic requirements before setting up a USB connection.
    1. Ensure the printer is active and connected firmly to a power source.
    2. Get a USB cord that is less than 3 m in length.
    3. Do not connect the USB cable through a USB hub or docking station which may supply enough power to work.
    4. Do not connect the USB cable before starting the driver installation.
  • Establish a high-speed internet connection on a router.
  • Connect your printer and computer to a similar network.
  • Open the Control panel settings on your computer.
  • Click the Devices and Printers tab.
  • Remove all the devices found under the Printers and Faxes column.
  • Download the full feature driver on your computer.
  • Begin the driver installation process and go after the prompts appears on the screen.
  • Select the Connection Type as USB Connection.
  • Connect the USB cable when the HP installer prompts and complete the HP Officejet Pro 9015 setup printer installation.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 ink cartridges

The HP Officejet Pro 9015 setup printer supports HP 962 Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink cartridges in countries like the United States and Canada. To purchase genuine HP replacement ink cartridges, contact HP Store or reliable local retailers.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 ink cartridge installation

HP Officejet Pro 9015 Ink cartridge Installation

  • Open the top lid and then raise the ink cartridge cover to reach in the ink cartridge area.
  • Stay back until the carriage moves to the center and printer sets to be silent.
  • Unpack the new ink cartridge package. Clear the packing materials.
  • Be aware of touching only the black plastic part of the ink cartridge. Match the color dots on the slots and the cartridges.
  • Slide the ink cartridges slowly into the slots. Ensure the ink cartridges are firmly placed.
  • Exit from the ink cartridge area and close the cartridge access door.
  • Close the top lid of your HP printer.


  • Power on your HP machine and open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Hold on until the printer carriage moves to the center and remains idle.
  • Propel the installed cartridge inside the slot to release it on printer.
  • Remove it from the slot and place the empty cartridge on a dry place. Unpack the new cartridges.
  • Hold the ink cartridges in its black plastic sides and be sure not to touch any other parts.
  • Match the color code on the slot and cartridge to set the new ink cartridge into the appropriate slot.
  • Push the cartridge slowly until it fixes, and then ensure the cartridge is appropriately placed.
  • Repeat the installation steps as said above to install the other replacement cartridges.
  • Close the cartridge area access door.


  • Buy a compatible refill ink bottle.
  • Purchase the essential refill kit that includes tiny screwdriver or drill bit, syringe, needle, gloves, tape, and plastic or rubber cork
  • Take the cartridge from the slot.
  • Locate the refill hole on the top of the cartridge.
  • Drill a small hole on the cover that covers the refill hole.
  • Absorb the ink with the help of the syringe and needle.
  • Inject the ink into the respective cartridge.
  • Place the cartridge into the appropriate slot on HP officejet Pro 9015 setup Printer.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 Driver And Manual Download

It is a little complicated process to search for a driver or manual on the manufacturer’s site and download it on your computer. We have made the process easier for you in just a simple click. Let us see how to download the printer driver and manual for your printer model.

HP Officejet pro 9015 Driver Download

The Print driver software is a software program that helps you to convert the data format of a file stored on your computer to a format that the printer can understand and print. Click the Download button provided below to download the driver software that supports your printer model.

HP Officejet pro 9015 Manual Download

The User Manual is a file in the PDF format that contains various information to setup your printer hardware and software. The software and hardware installation steps, working procedure, troubleshooting steps, and printer specifications are provided in the User Manual. Click the Download button below to download the User Manual from here.


To install the driver for your printer, you need to download the Software either from the installation disk or the Official Website. Then you need to install them on your PC based on your OS.


  • Open the full feature driver file from the browser download path.
  • Extract the full feature file and run the Setup.exe file as the administrator.
  • Wait until the installation process begins and the installation screen appears on the screen.
  • Accept the Software License policy and usage conditions.
  • Read and follow the installation prompts appears on the computer screen and conclude the installation.


  • Locate the download link for the full feature driver file.
  • Download the full feature driver package on your computer.
  • Open the full feature driver file and extract the compressed folder.
  • Right-click the HP Installer icon and select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Follow the instructions shown on the Mac computer screen to complete the installation process.

HP Officejet pro 9015 Wireless Setup

Turn the PC on and connect it to a Wireless Network. Setup the printer and place it close to the system and within the range of the router. Power ON the HP Officejet pro 9015 setup printer and connect it to the same Wireless Network to which you have connected your system.

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How to Scan on HP Officejet pro 9015

You can scan on an and save the file to your desired folder or to email and sharepoint. Place the document on the scanner glass. Select the Scan option on the Control Panel. Choose your destination folder and touch the Start Scan option.

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HOW TO PRINT ON HP Officejet Pro 9015

  • Open a document or photo on any document viewer application.
  • Click the File menu and select the Print option.
  • Now, the general print settings dialog box appears on the screen.
  • Select the printer on which you need to print.
  • Click the Preferences or Printing Properties window to access more settings like the layout, quality, color, and advanced print settings.
  • Click Save or OK to save all your setting changes and then click Print.


Do the following to perform duplex printing.

  • Open a document on any document viewer application.
  • Click the File menu and select the Print option.
  • Click Preferences, Printer Properties, or HP Officejet Pro 9015 Printer Setup based on what appears.
  • Select the Printing Shortcut tab.
  • Choose the Two-sided Printing (Duplex) option.
  • Save all your settings and click Print.

HP Officejet pro 9015 Airprint Setup

Ensure your iOS device supports Airprint. Open the photo or file that you need to print on your iOS device. Tap the Share or Action icon. Choose the Print option or icon to explore the Printer Options. Tap the Select Printer option to pick your printer from the list. Check and edit other print settings like Paper type, Number of Copies, Black & White, Double-sided Printing, and Page Range. After editing, save all the print settings and then tap Print .

HP Officejet pro 9015 ePrint Setup

Press the HP ePrint icon on the printer’s control panel. View the email address of your printer on the control panel. If the info is not displayed, then the HP officejet Pro 9015 setup printer may print a report with the printer’s email address. Create a new email message on your computer and type the printer email address in the To field. Add the file you need to print as an attachment and give a subject. Click Send. Now, your printer prints the attachment.

HP Officejet pro 9015 Mopria Print Setup

Open the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile and download the Mopria Print Service App. Once the App is installed, tap the Settings icon. Press the NFC and Sharing or More option and tap Print. Press Mopria Print Service and then press On. Now, your device is ready to use the HP Print Service Plugin.Tap Print, choose your printer from the list, and then edit the necessary print settings. Save all your edits and tap Print or the Print icon to start printing.

HP OFFICEJET PRO 9015 Troubleshooting

 Troubleshooting is a process of analyzing and tracing the root cause of the issue to resolve it. If you are facing any problem on your printer, troubleshoot the issue to diagnose and fix the issue automatically.
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